Sunday, 15 February 2009

Time For a Crackdown on Sandgate Road Speedheads

Last night I was sitting down with my wife enjoying watching a film together when we suddenly heard a screech of tires and a loud bang sometime after 11 p.m.

A young driver with three passengers somehow managed to finish up on the opposite side of the road and perpendicular to the wall outside Waldorf Apartments in Sandgate Road, Folkestone where yours truly lives. The photo below shows the devastation to the wall the morning after the incident.

Fortunately and miraculously no one was killed or injured but given the numbers of people who usually are walking around the area after chucking out time in the local bars and pubs it was a real stroke of good fortune. As is well known, there have been persisent problems with young motorists treating Sandgate Road as a bit of a racetrack and it is long overdue for both the police and the Town, District and County Councils to consider an enforceable action plan to combat this menace.

I think local residents who live in Sandgate Road would be happier with a more visible police presence around the top end of Sandgate Road where late night revellers often cause a noise nuisance and occasional acts of violence and vandalism. Although I recognise that money is very tight at the moment in council budgets, consideration should also be given in the short to medium term to traffic calming measures around Sandgate Road and better enforcement of the no drive zone at the town end of Sandgate Road.

I won't comment any futher on this issue as I wouldn't want to prejudice any future court case that might be related to this unfortunate incident.

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